RSA 2018 struggles

This year Lee Neely and I are bringing a very short Web Application Security class to RSA.  This should be a 2 to 3 day class, that we have condensed down to 2 hours (plus break time, so content down to 1.5 hours I think)

Our slide deck was over 100 for two days, we shrunk that to 15.

I decided that the best way people learn is hands on.

Crazy idea popped into my head (which happens a lot), and I purchased 35 used Chromebook’s. With the help of my trusty Intern Gary, we got Linux sideloaded along with 20 tools we are going to cover during class, installed and running.

We also are bringing 2 ESXi systems with some vulnerable web apps to hack against.

So this is sort of like a crash course/intro/ctf/cheat/overview class.

A few “struggles”

  1. Will the airline (United) over charge me for the Pelican 1730 with 35 Chromebook’s
  2. Will the Chromebook’s survive the air travel
  3. Will it all work when we set up at RSA
  4. Will I have room for some Bourbon in the case
  5. Are we trying to condense too much into less than 2 hours
  6. Will the attendees like the coursesize of Pelican case :


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